Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lenten sacrifices, clowns and bunnies

Being the not-so-devout Catholic that I am, I decided to let Lent 2009 elapse without me sacrificing anything. I'm already sacrificing sleep as a result of my yet-to-be-born child inhabiting my body, so that's enough, right?

Well, I know it's a little late in the game being only 5 days away from Easter and all, but I've decided to give up something after all.

Bunnies. Yes, bunnies. As in rabbits. One of the ever-present symbols of Easter, if not Lent. Ironic, huh?

In my opinion, bunnies have vaulted right to #2 spot on the List of Things that Cathy Doesn't Like. The #1 position will eternally be held by clowns.

So I can avoid the bunnies, P. Daddy's been duly informed that he's now in charge of Easter.

I know at least one of my readers out there already knows the reason why, but for the rest of you, I'll explain.

So this past weekend I jaunted off to Las Vegas with some old college gal pals, and a great weekend it was. We decided to take in a show while we were there, and the one we landed on was Criss Angel's "Believe."

Now I may just be the only person in the world who'd never heard of Criss Angel, but apparently he's been the most famous magician out there for oh, the last decade or so. So this show is combined with Cirque de Soleil. A Cirque de Soleil magic show. Sounds magical, right?

Not so much.

I liked the magic part. Enough to want to make me check out past episodes of Angel's highly touted cable show "Mindfreak." But there wasn't nearly enough magic.

Now the Cirque de Soleil part. Picture some weird combination of Alice in Wonderland, Moulin Rouge, New Orleans Mardi Gras and decapitated bunny heads dancing upside down on their ears, and you'll have an idea of what I witnessed.

Hence my new aversion.

This might just be enough to make me return to being a more devout Catholic and go to church on Easter to celebrate Jesus' resurrection and all. As long as the church doesn't have a visiting Cirque de Soleil troupe appearing.

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STQ said...

I hate to be presumptuous, but I think I'm the reader who knew why you now hate bunnies. :) You made me laugh out loud, and I have to admit that I share your new phobia. It was truly a creepy show and the severed bunny head rolling around the stage has haunted at least one night terror so far. Divine hubby is thrilled, needless to say.