Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Musings

Have very few cohesive thoughts to offer for this blog (OK, I have NONE), but I do have a non-cohesive assortment of Lily/mommy updates to offer.

1) My leetle artiste made this on the PBS Kids Web site recently. I thought it was a nice symbol of springtime.

2) My budding politically-aware daughter announced out of nowhere to me this morning that "Ava wrote a letter to Barack Obama, and Barack Obama wrote back to her." So Lily wants to write a letter to Barack Obama too. Anyone have any idea what White House lackey gets the job of responding to Barack's fan mail from kids? If so, I want his/her address.

3) Not feeling like a great Mom lately. House moving/general lack of energy owing to being 8 months pregnant has me falling on the short side when it comes to playing with Lily. Promising self to do a pretend tea party or something of similar nature tonight.

4) Poll to readers - I know there's a poll function somehwere in this tool, but I don't remember where it is, so I'll just embed it here. Last night P. Daddy and I went to childbirth refresher class. Nurse/teacher asks for questions. P. Daddy chimes in with "Does North Austin have a special ops lab?" I look at him quizzically. Nurse/teacher asks him to explain further. "In case of a post-partum bleed, I want to know if they can take care of her here or if she has to go to Brackenridge?" Me starting to think P. Daddy's being awfully morbid. Nurse/teacher replies: "They are well equipped to deal with that here." P. Daddy then says something along the lines of, "I will know what doctor's on call that night, and if I don't like that doctor, I will have my own doctor on call." Now methinks P. Daddy's being awfully sweet and all. So what say you, morbid or sweet?

5) Finally, a challenge to my mother. Try posting a comment to the blog, instead of reiterating to me on the phone what you did/did not like about it. :) It's sort of the point of the blogosphere - creating online conversations!


burpeema said...

Definitely sweet, but maybe with a touch of morbid.

Peter said...

Not morbid, I've just seen enough emergencies to know I want the best for my girls.

Peter said...

And stop with the P.Daddy already!